Masters of Killington
We've all been there.
The trepidation, the hesitation to try something new—especially when it entails rolling down a mountain on two wheels.
Self doubt settles in like a bank of murky clouds.
"What if I forget how to ride a bike? Will I look like a total kook? Will I get passed by kids a fraction of my age?!"

Fear not, you’re only a beginner once, and it’s the only way to get in the game. Someone will always look cooler and ride faster, but your goal is to have the most fun on the mountain. So toss those negative thoughts into the rearview, envision yourself shredding the mountain, and let’s ride.
Before the rubber hits the trail, scope out our pre arrival recommendations so you show up stoked and ready to rip.
Listen to Episode 12 of the Killington Download Podcast, featuring Olympic mountain biker and Killington regular Jimena Dolzadelli.
Watch mountain biking videos to get pumped up.
If you’re planning on more than one day of riding(do it!), line up lodging in advance.
Book a lesson.
Line up equipment rentals.
Ride. Ride. Ride. On your spin bike, around the neighborhood or on your local trails. The more time you spend in the saddle, the more comfortable you’ll be and the more fun you’ll have riding a bike at Killington.
Now that you’re headed to Killington, a few tips for navigating the Beast of the East.
Park at Snowshed.
Pick up rentals, lift tickets and anything else you might need at the Killington Bike Shop in Snowshed Lodge.
Program registration is located on the first floor of Snowshed Base Lodge.
Lessons meet outside at the Woodward boom box right next to the Beast Coaster.
Arrive at least 15 minutes (25 minutes weekends and holidays) before the lesson meeting time for registration, ticketing, and rental gear pickup.
For newcomers to Killington’s mountain bike experience, the sport can be a little intimidating.
"Do we really need this much protective gear? That bike looks as big as a motorcycle. What are we getting ourselves into?!"

While it might seem like overkill, having the right equipment makes all the difference when it comes to maximizing fun and prioritizing safety. You might look like a stormtrooper, but you’ll ride like one too.
All geared up with nowhere to go?
You shouldn’t be. See the note above about booking a lesson.It’s a lot easier to develop new, good habits than to break ingrained old ones.

"Aren’t lessons more for kids? I’ve been riding a bike for 30-plus years…."

The beautiful thing about sports like mountain biking is the progression never ends. That means whether you’re a beginner or seasoned rider, you never stop learning and expanding your horizons.
First dirt
"Will I get thrown right into the deep end, or can I start on an easy route?"

No, we’re not going to toss you right into the mouth of The Beast. Before you even look at the lift, newbie riders will benefit from sessioning the skills park.
Load up
"How the f%$* do I load my bike on the lift?! What ifI put it on wrong and it falls off?!"

This looks trickier than it really is, but a dash of confidence and the right technique goes a long way. Watch the riders loading the lift in front of you. If you feel remotely uncomfortable, ask the lift operator for assistance. After a few laps it’ll become second nature.
Take it easy
"If I go out on my own, which trail should I ride first?"

Easy Street. Ride this friendly and fun trail until you really get a feel for the bike and your surroundings.
Bigger and better things
"I’ve mastered Easy Street and have fallen in love with riding my bike. Now what?"

Rocks ‘n rolls. Bumps, berms and booters. Airtime, aprés and overall awesomeness. Welcome to mountain biking.
The Beast
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One of snowboarding’s cultural icons and master of style, Danny Davis is all about bringing snowboarding to the people. His signature Woodward Peace Parks, including one at Killington, have opened up a whole new world for riders of all ages and abilities.

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First Tracks

NCAA athletes Nina O’Brien and Paula Moltzan are the only skiers - besides Mikaela Shiffrin - to score points at the Killington Women's World Cup. Here, they talk about balancing their education with ski racing, and why there’s nothing quite like skiing in front of the home crowd.

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